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Moral Choices


Moral Choices


Making Choices are often difficult. Sometimes choices seem right when they are not so right. Sometimes choices seem wrong when they are not so wrong. Oftentimes what seems to be a morally correct choice is neither moral or right. So how does one clarify the matter?


This was something I wrestled with in my life. I would hear of ministers leaving their own family behind and pursue “God’s Work”, and expect their family to accept this decision as a “Noble Sacrifice”, despite the emotional turmoil which could result, when the family is not on board. I would like to offer a good litmus test that can be applied which may prove helpful.

I constructed this test based on some writings of C.S. Lewis. I am sorry that I can not provide references at this time, but I will endeavor to provide this information in a future writing. Well, here we go.

“Does the choice draw me closer ..”


 A)  Does the choice draw me closer to myself

B)  Does the choice draw me closer to others?

C) Does the choice draw me closer to God?



Closer to myself

Does it bring me closer to knowing me; to appreciate who I am in God?

Closer to Others

This is more about people and community. It is about your neighbor as described by Christ.  It is more about unity, harmony, and sharing; especially in relation to those primary people in your life (i.e. family).  One can see it is not meant to be applied to any particular group or sect. If it does, then it compromises this principle.

Closer to God

Do I feel closer to God and God’s family from this act? Does it reinforce unity in the family of faith?
ALL three principles need to be held true in order to regard the decision as a Moral choice, and more aligned to a choice that can be affirmed.

If there is a compromise to any of these principles, it no longer becomes a Moral decision; Nor is it a favorable decision. As provided, I invite you, my readers, to make a Moral choice to follow this process.  

Thank You, friends,

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