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Going to a Better Place..


No…I am not dying!..well, someday..but not now.

I appreciate you my readers, and the many guests visiting my site. Over the past few years, I have seen the numbers grow to nearly half a million views. It is very humbling.  I believe it has much to do with the curiosity we share in defining who we are and how we behave.  The social network has never been greater, and yet our identities have never been more blurred by interactive noise.  I write mostly about what matters; what challenges our faith; what defines meaning in our lives. I choose my topics based on personal curiosities and public concerns voiced around me.  I am a simple man and believe that the world, our culture and our own thoughts do not have to be as complex as we make it. 

I will continue to write on matters which tend to derail from sober thought or topics that lack proper clarity. I live and learn like all people.  I am happy to accept your companionship in this journey we share in life.

I am moving my site to another location:

Feel free to pass by and sip of life with me.  Drop me an email if so inclined.

I have not decided about this present site, but due to spam problems I may be closing it shortly.  But I will forward posts from my new site soon.  Thank you dear friends and guests.


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