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Our Future Matters

Anyone following the News these days has probably heard about it. As the baby boomers begin to take their place in line for Retirement, there is a swelling cloud of anxiety, that stretches across the horizon and casts its darkness over the stairs of generation X.  This is a great source of much despair which threatens to swallow many; some who are not even aware of the threat it carries.

You see, many people are not even aware, or choose to ignore the signs.  Retirement, a time chalked out for reflection, relaxation and unburdened freedom is becoming a vague dream for many hardworking, honest, dedicated people who deserved far more for their sacrifices in life.  But due to the shift of our economy and advances in our technology, a large population are bumped just short of pensions.

What I am about to share is an alternative to the rapid currents of loss. Even though I have targeted our baby boom generation in a slideshow, it has a message for anyone that has met financial hardships and despair, without answers to their situation.

This is not my typical material which I often present on my blog. But as it does deal with a growing sense of dread for many, it has been invited into my pages, if for no other reason than to appreciate its impact on all of our lives, with hope it may provide a way for some to escape avoidable trials.

Our future matters slideshow

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