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The Punch after the Jab


The Punch after the Jab

G. E. Williams, MD


I have been asked by many concerned friends and family about my opinion

on the COVID vaccine and if I plan on getting vaccinated. 1 know many who

have already received their vaccination and were eager to do so. Everyone

has their own reasons why they agreed to this prevention strategy and how

they may feel satisfied with their decision. As for me, based on my own

reasoning, I do not have any intention to receive a COVID vaccination. 1 will

elaborate about my concerns behind my own opinion which will be

discussed here. This topic is not to push any “conspiracy theories” but solely

based on my own clinical understanding of the COVID vaccination.


Reasons for why I will decline the COVID Vaccine:

The COVID vaccine is unlike other vaccines


(1)  The COVID vaccine is the first “Flu-like” vaccine to use messenger RNA

(mRNA) to stimulate an immune response in our cells as a protective

strategy. Typical seasonal flu shots given annually is a vaccine with an

attenuated virus (live, but rendered benign or dead virus). It follows the

same process our body behaves after we are infected by a virus. Eventually,

when our body identifies the viral intruder, it is digested by special cells

which submit pieces to other “policing cell” in order to alert your body about

the unique protein coat of the invading virus Once our body knows what the

protein coat looks like, our body generates antibodies to give us protection.


Why we have to get a flu vaccine every year


(2) Each year when the seasonal flu begins to spread through the nation the

protein coat of the flu virus attempts to invade our body by its capacity to

change its coat through the variability provided in its own genetic code. This

makes the virus appear different to our body every year from the previous

year as to escape detection. The Flu shot gives our body an early detection

advantage by providing fragment proteins that make up the coat of the recent

virus. Since our cells recognize the coat protein as foreign our body can learn

how the virus will be coated without having to be infected by the actual virus.

Our defense system will already be prepared to target the live virus if it tries

to invade our body. Such prevention steps are especially beneficial to reduce

high-risk complications for those who have a weakened immune system and

the elderly.


The nature of novel COVID mRNA vaccines


(3) Unlike the “Flu shot” where a foreign protein triggers our body to form

antibodies to alert our body ahead of a likely viral attack, the COVID vaccine

uses messenger RNA (mRNA) to instruct our cells to create the very protein

our body is supposed to target.

The genetic fragment is considered the ‘menu sequence” to make the

“spike protein” unique to the coat of the Coronavirus. Our bodies routinely

use mRNA to form the many types of proteins we need in our bodies. The

mRNA is the instruction released from our DNA from inside the command

center of the cell’s nucleus. Outside of the nucleus, it gets carried to the

“building factory” that is stationed in the backyard within the cell. It is

the same way that our body replaces skin, tendons, enzymes, etc.. the COVID Vax

mRNA also presents instructions to our cells to build their own protein.

But this protein is specific for making the same “viral spike” protein that our

bodies are supposed to identify as “foreign” for our body to target.



The problem of “Spike” proteins


(4) Is the Spike gene template even accurate? This whole strategy is based on

the belief that the gene code for the spike protein of the coronavirus is actually

the correct code that accurately identifies the protein claimed. Some earlier

reports from skeptical geneticists questioned the validity of this code that was

provided from China (the original source of this pandemic). Others have even

questioned if the code was a partial sample or if the transport of the sample

gene was completely intact for controlled transport to our lab for the

development of vaccines. Genetic fragments are notoriously unstable over

a short duration of time. Knowing that only a few samples were used as a

template for making vaccines, it would take an act of faith to believe the

template is exactly the same as the original “spike” code identified.



The problem of targeting foreign proteins


(5)  The concern of methodology in having our cells create their own antigens


(a) The “foreign” particle (or antigen) introduced into our body from regular

vaccines are introduced into our tissues and get released into our bloodstream

OUTSIDE our cells, where they encounter policing cells from our immune

system. After a foreign material is engulfed and destroyed, special cells present

fragments on its surface to other cells like “show and tell”. This is where more

aggressive cells learn what the foreign agent looks like. However, the mRNA

from these novel vaccines enter INTO the cells and bypass all the normal

digesting process, and are escorted straight to the cell’s factory to begin making

the “foreign” protein. So, think about that a moment. We are not exposed to a

foreign protein to train our immune system. We are actually making the very

protein we are supposed to regard as “foreign”. This already throws up red flags

for me. If our cells are making the target proteins which are to be destroyed, how

long would it be before our intelligent immune system will begin attacking the

cells that make the “foreign” protein?



Spike Proteins and ACE Receptors


(b) It has been discovered early in the pandemic that the COVID “spike” protein

enters our cells by binding to particular proteins known as ACE receptors. This

implies that the structure of the protein spikes of COVID bear similarity to that of

ACE receptors. We have a great number of ACE receptors that help regulate our

bodily functions and they are embedded on a number of our membranes like our

heart, lungs, and the digestive system naturally. This brings me to the next

concern. If we tell our cells to make a “foreign” protein that our immune

system is to attack, what would happen if that training cross-reacted with our

own normal ACE receptors? It would have the potential for other

autoimmune complications.

Now, think about some of the problematic symptoms related to those who

have been vaccinated by the mRNA vaccine. Do any of these side effects have

anything to do with the heart, the lungs or digestive system? Yes, there

seems to be a pattern.


Is our DNA really safe?


(c) As stated, our cells are often making necessary proteins routinely. The

operation is dictated by the “control center” of our cells within the nucleus,

where the DNA provides all information which a cell will follow. The mRNA

is released to the backyard factory where the menu is placed for a protein

building in the cytoplasm. Yet, in some cells and in certain necessary situations,

the DNA is able to make changes for cells to adapt to new modifications if

needed. But for this to take place, those special cells are provided a feedback

passage to reenter the nucleus to allow some regulation based on what the

needs require. This special enzyme is known as Reverse transcriptase. It allows

for the mRNA in certain cells to directly return back through the nucleus and

contribute program changes back to the DNA, the control center of the cell.


(d) The science journals always seem to cover how the mRNA introduced into

our cells is not able to alter our DNA itself. Journalists share how the insertion

of mRNA does not contain the necessary program to produce reverse

transcriptase, required to rewrite changes back to the DNA. However, no one

seems to mention the possibility that some cells may already have reverse

transcriptase in their cytoplasm while carrying out other functions. If this

enzyme does exist in the cytoplasm, what prevents the mRNA from being

transported back to the nucleus and altering the DNA?



(6) There are reasons for concern if mRNA could code into our DNA. It would

really depend on where mRNA gets inserted.


(a) Our DNA is very condensed and it is a coiled bundle of information. The

only cells that do not have DNA within their internal environment are the red

cells. Red cells dump their own DNA soon after it is formed so as to leave more

room for its role to carry and deliver oxygen throughout our body where it is

needed. All the other cells in our body have the DNA program retained within

the nuclei where their role will be determined by the select segment of DNA

it reads, their assigned regions to know what function they are to perform

and all the regulating conditions to perform for their role.


DNA instructions are specific


(b) The portions of DNA to which each cell is assigned are ‘pre-scripted to

make all the necessary organelles, enzymes and substrates necessary for their

particular function. These regions in the DNA code have “start, stop, and

regulatory” instructions. Now imagine if a foreign code is inserted between

a start and stop region. What could result? It would clearly alter the operation

of the cell. In such situations, it may prevent a necessary role of the cell,

prevent the cell’s normal development, or even permit cell growth without

having the needed instruction to end a growth phase.


(c) When a cell is no longer regulated as it was designed to function it

compromises the life of the cell. When cells are instructed to up-regulate

without limits, it is often what we refer to as cancer. The tissue proliferates

and develops a particular cell line or tissue that the body sees as itself. When

there is no regulatory control of cell growth it often does not get stopped but

permitted by our body to grow beyond normal boundaries often reducing other

needed cell or tissue lines. This is when cancer metastasizes.


How do we answer to the appearance of success of the mRNA vaccines?


(7)  What about the many vaccinated people who seem to have developed

immunity successfully? I would like to believe that many people have been

given immunity protection aligned with the intended goal of the vaccine. But

there is no way to be certain of how effective the mRNA vaccine will prove to be.

Let’s consider what we mean by “vaccine success



(a) If we define vaccine success by the level of protection it provides, we

may have problems. Reports have been surfacing of vaccinated individuals

who are having recurrences of COVID infections at an even higher rate

than those who were not vaccinated. There have been some researchers

who claim that the spikes our cells generate due to the vaccine, may in fact

provide more targets for reinfection by the Coronavirus. It has even been

reported that cell-generated spikes become lodged in healthy tissues,

which impair the optimal functions.  Further, there have been claims

made by some doctors that vaccinated people shed protein spikes

which may put others at risk. One report stated that child-bearing women

have had more ob-gyn problems when exposed to others who have received

the vaccine, including higher rates of ovarian cysts and irregular periods.

We may need to begin questioning if our treatments are actually helping us

or hurting us.


(b) What is not being explored is the number of people who may have already

developed immunity without receiving a vaccine. Just take a look at the

numbers who have not been vaccinated in states where ‘masks are no longer

mandated’. Why is the mortality still lower than other “mask mandated” areas?


(c)  Why are the reported numbers of infected individuals going down/up?

After the inauguration of Biden, there was a ‘sudden discovery’ of how

spinning a sample too long in the “PCR” tests tends to make many false –

positive results such as it did earlier when people were tested for COVID.

The CDC later presented new findings that if a sample was tested through

a higher rate of spins a sample would yield a false-positive result. (This

contributed to the belief why people could test positive but would

not have any symptoms of illness). Upon changing the standards of testing

conditions, the result identified far fewer true ‘OVID-infected people.

“Miraculously”, this new standard was clarified only after a new

administration was “elected”, that falsely associated the new administration

with ‘improved’ handling of the pandemic.


The instability of a virus


(8) The nature of any novel virus in its first generation will always prove more

potent and dangerous than subsequent generations. Viruses do not get stronger

with time or repeated replication of the spread rate. They become less potent and

less harmful with time.


(a) Viruses are not built for stability. Each duplication of viral particles within

infected cells tends to be less stable just due to their lack of solid replication. Over

time they develop more errors in their code and become more vulnerable to

attack. That fact by itself, assures that the longer a duration of viral replication

and the more it spreads will ultimately lead to its own self-limiting termination.


(9) The Coronavirus is not some mysterious virus that many may think. In fact,

many people have already been exposed to the natural Coronavirus sometime

in their life as it often occurs in nature. Many people often develop immunity at

some point in their lifetime naturally.


Validity of the Spike template


(a) Many believe COVID could not have occurred as a natural phenomenon: it

could not have formed randomly in nature without some outside and purposed

laboratory modification. “This explains how many can already have evidence of

antibodies in their blood from the natural pre-exposure to preexisting infection

much earlier and yet not have any signs of being actively infected, or may have

had very minimal symptoms. For some people, COVID can become quite fatal.

Given that there are reports of “new stains” occurring, but knowing novel

viruses grow less potent and less harmful over time we may be dealing with

possible different new lab-modified strain.


(b)  A primary concern lies at the foundation of where this vaccine manufacturing

all began. Evidence suggests that the fragment used as the template for the

COVID vaccine was based on limited and unverified samples of COVID

fragments from China, whereby all the labs have manufactured a vaccine.

Reports state that due to the political strife with China, we were unable to

verify the fragment as authentic. Even now, China refuses to take

responsibility for how it may have contributed to this pandemic. The sudden

confidence for an effective treatment has not had the luxury of a time-based

review for efficacy, the sad reality is that those receiving the vaccine are in

essence the true experimental group in this treatment design. We may not

know the impact of this “treatment” and the inherent risks it carries for years

to come.





It was truly a miraculous feat for President Trump to orchestrate the

efforts of our pharmaceuticals and scientific community to prepare vaccines

in record time. The President even by his own admission is not a scientist and

he brought all available services and great minds to bear and this COVID

pandemic. However, I have significant questions about the methodology of

using a genetic modifying strategy and I lack professional confidence of those

behind this vaccination strategy. Why forego on tried and true flu vaccine efforts

that were successful and given annually. I am also concerned about those who

push gene therapies without weighing the potential harm that may result

from this effort.

How can we assume a successful treatment without having proper methods

to explore significant risks? Based on my medical studies and education, this

genetic modifying approach introduces many doubts and concerns. As more

healthcare personnel are asking more questions we find the answers are

neither forthcoming, factual, or inconsistent with established medical knowledge.

Greg E. Williams, MD




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