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As a caretaker of a loved one (LO) with Dementia, I have watched how Dementia has progressed as a constant observer.  I realize how it can become very frustrating and challenging to those who care for those suffering from this erosive disease. Watching a LO slowly vanish away is a very heartbreaking situation.  But as a constant presence, I have recognized many of the emerging behaviors in our LO which have been commonly experienced by other caregivers on social media and clinical reports.  Many people in our society are touched by this disease and it has impacted someone you know.  There are those in our families and among friends who have no idea what Dementia entails.  In order for us all, but especially those of us who are caregivers, to really grasp the growing challenges and issues that the victims of this disease face, I have compiled some links that seem to provide a representation of the Dementia Experience, through virtual simulation. I hope this may help us all better understand the burdens through this simulation.

Feel Free to Share this reference with family or friends if you choose.  These are public domain media files. 

Thank you for Caring,



Audio and Visual Dementia Simulation

A Walk Through Dementia – walking home

Through The Eyes of Someone with Alzheimer’s

“No More” – A Visual Experience of Alzheimer’s

A Walk Through Dementia – at home

What’s It Like To Experience Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s Simulation Experiment 1

Audio Dementia Simulation

Sams Dementia Noise



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