Life is interesting, really. There was a point in our lives when we were when every event was new. We all had that period in our lives when we understood ourselves as a separate entity from “everything else” , and we began to exercise our free Will selectively, folding our attention around the object of our immediate fascination. This was a time when we probably bombarded our parents with questions. We were restless in our curiosities.

When we became “grown-ups, we somehow managed to shed this passion of discovery. Our creativity was dumped from the tabletop to make room for commonplace, routine necessities and rituals that allowed us to walk among the weary majority. I have often met this mindset and wrestled with oppositions of the mundane. But thankfully, I was already hooked on the “AHAA” of discovery before the busy noise of activity swept me adrift. You see, once we forget how to see the amazing, the miraculous, the wonder of life, we lose the true meaning for being alive.

It is within the very rich soil of fascination I stir. Here I plant a captured moment of curiosity and employ my custom tools of meditation, reflection and study. I find that such occupation of effort and attention opens new experiences and appreciation I had not expected. It is into this garden I invite you. Feel free to walk here with me and bend a knee next to me.

Thank you for sharing the experience.


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